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What You Need To Know



With many of the Guided Healing techniques and practices they can be partnered up to provide a really powerful combination. We are going to combine HeadSpace, Cell Well and Love Bomb to clear your mind and stop the noise and negative self-talk, illuminate and empower every cell in your body, fill you with self love and ultimate connection to your core and highest vibrational self.  HeadSpace is a gorgeous silvery grey/white energy that is almost translucent, Cell Well is our beautiful gold energy and Love Bomb is deep amethyst – our field of lavender colour.  Are you ready?




This one is an energy which is all about letting go of anything that is emotionally holding you back from where you want to be. The Butterfly Effect will release you of those emotions and allow you to move forward. I hope this one inspires you as much as it did me.

I use a golden butterfly imagery and energy and many have found this to be incredibly powerful and profound.

This is totally unique and I hope that you can connect with this and experience a little bit of magic




This golden energy was my very first Guided Healing inspiration and is still one of the most powerful. It does what is says on the tin, it instantly awakens the cells within your body and promotes an overall sense of euphoric wellness.

This works within your entire being. For some, this can be intensely powerful and if that happens, just relax and go with it. For others, it is a more gentle experience but for all by the end of the Guided Healing, this will provide a true and deep sense of relaxation and you will feel a sense of relief or a positive change of energy within your body.

For some people, they have received visual or audio experiences during the Cell Well Guided Healing as this can give a true connection to your inner being and potentially a more spiritual experience if you are open to it.




Creating positive momentum within your own energy is absolutely possible and Effervescent is a new energy technique I have created in order to do exactly that.

This is a fast flowing, energising and inspiring orange energy that provides a real boost and lift throughout your entire being. This will lift your mood, your physicality and provide you with that sense of upliftment that many are looking for.

The underlying intention of Effervescent is to release your incredibly intelligent cells to spark and ignite, replicating and re-energising you from top to toe.




Glow is an energy focusing on your hair, eyes and skin vitality and is all about regeneration and rejuvenation. This is a gorgeous pink energy which is super charged in clearing and cleansing your energy right through from your bones and radiating out to your surface layers.

This wakes up your cells supporting production and rapidly purifying your overall skin, eyes and hair structures. You can repeat Glow a couple of times a week and you will find your skin literally will GLOW!




We all lead such busy lives, many of us experience tension in our necks and heads and mental overload. HeadSpace is an energy to release that tension and help you mentally let go.

Sometimes we are able to feel emotionally and physically really well but our minds keep dragging us back to practiced thoughts and beliefs over and over. HeadSpace can also help to relieve that self-talk and messaging to give you true mental space to choose different more positive thoughts and sometimes...think nothing at all!

HeadSpace is a silvery white energy, it works fast and free and one you can repeat daily for a period if it resonates with you.




Our immune system is a fundamental part of our epic human body. This guided healing focuses on the entire lymphatic system and ultimately your immunity, providing a beautiful flowing aqua energy throughout your system and fully supporting your main immune lymphocyte cells to replicate, cleanse and purify.

This is a little bit more anatomical but really powerful and perfect for a little boost! 

This is also one that I can combine with other energies, so watch this space - Immune Boost might pop up a few times!




This is a technique I have developed using a different type of energy. I like to call this one Lava, as it is a slow moving, heavier almost liquid feeling energy with incredible therapeutic benefits. Lava gets it's name from a lava lamp, you can visualise this moving long and slow throughout your body during our Guided Healing sessions.

This energy is exceptional for relieving muscle tensions, tension in the head and joint or bone pain.  It has longer term benefits too regarding releasing resistant energy areas and allowing your energy to flow.

Visualising this energy as a dark purple almost oil like energy, this stays working for a good length of time providing even longer physical benefits.




Love is the universal purpose and gift for us all. To give love and receive love is of the highest good for each and every one of us. It makes us feel the best of all, it raises our vibration to the highest level. Our focus often is outward, for both men and women. To truly be capable of giving, you must first open your heart to yourself. Your love for you is of the highest good for everything and everyone in your life. This Guided Healing Practice is freeing you to love within and then softly adjusting your focus to help you look out and see with love first.




Love Bomb is a pure positive emotional energy which is forward looking, taking the happiest you into the next moments, letting go of any emotions that are no longer serving you.

It can release and relieve anxiety, that tightness in your chest, that heaviness of your emotions and lift and revive you to connect with your truest you - the easy to smile, full of possibilities you; the you that has a lust for life and sense of joy just for being here.

This is a gorgeous amethyst energy and we will use it both on it's own, as well as in combination with some of the other energies.




This energy is an incredible expansive, purifying and cleansing energy. Menthol has worked wonders for those experiencing bad colds, sore throats, chest and breathing challenges and also reproductive area concerns and specific issues in this physical area for both men and women.

We will use it across your upper body and down through your pelvis, penetrating all of your major organs. Even if you don't have any specific challenges, this will give you a real sense of purification throughout.

Menthol takes on a cooling sensation for some and others have also said they can taste it, like a minty/menthol flavour on the back of their tongue when we are in mid-flow; that is how I came up with the name!

We will use an emerald green energy, it is quite fast flowing and some may feel quite lasting effects from this as a cooling physical sensation throughout your body.




This is a very strong red energy that is solely focused on pain reduction and soothing the sparky nerve energies within your nervous system into a more flowing, warming and calmer energy.

This can help you if you have headaches, suffer from back pain, muscular pain, arthritis and a host of other pain related symptoms. I am really interested if anyone in the wellness membership group has Fibromyalgia, arthritis or ME or any other pain inducing condition.  Please let me know if you try this and this works for you.  If you experience any headaches or migraines see if this stops the need to reach for the ibuprofen.

Nerve Nurse is great in conjunction with a host of other energies such as Lava and Immune Boost.




Have you ever experienced a sense of spiritual connection? Would you like to explore this a little bit further and open up even more?

Spirit is a blue star like energy that has one route and a direct purpose. We will use this together to cleanse the energy to your Pineal gland, a little known part of your brain that regulates melatonin but is also incredible for a mini spiritual awakening.

This may work for people who have problems sleeping as given the Pineal function it really could work, so if this resonates with you and the original intent of Spirit doesn't, please give it a go.

For some people, Spirit can provide the missing puzzle piece that they are looking for but I would recommend that you try it once, if you like it, please repeat for 3 days in a row and you may feel your connection get stronger and stronger.


total energy unblock.jpg


Your body's energy flows at all times but sometimes it needs a bit of a reboot or a feeling of unblocking in particular areas.

There are many different schools of thought on the Chakra system but for me, I simply think of the Chakras as points of the body that at times can be resistant or blocking to the flow of energy.

The Total Energy Unblock focuses on the seven points of the Chakra system visualisation and is a very rapid way to open the energy flow within those areas in your body.