I have suffered with endometriosis for most of my adult life which was never diagnosed until I reached my 40th birthday and I was in so much pain that I was rushed to hospital for an emergency operation to remove a 10cm cyst in my left ovary and severe scaring and inflammation all around my feminine organs. I first met Olivia at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London, it was then after a brief conversation that my life started to turn around in terms of the endometriosis pain. We began energy sessions tailored by the TEAM to specifically deal with my endometriosis cells. ( the TEAM are made up of Abraham, Ascended Masters, Arch Angels and other higher beings. ) I can honestly say my body is healing itself with my own energy and this is nothing short of a miracle. If I had to rate the scale of pain from previously to now, I would go from a 9/10 to a 3/10. I am continuing to heal my cells and my body and I look forward to attending the hospital this year in the summer months to show a scan with no signs of endometriosis! This is a true blessing in my life and I cannot be more grateful to Olivia and the TEAM.
I feel so blessed to be part of this amazing tribe! Please note you really can heal yourself with your own energy, my experience shows this without a shadow of a doubt.
— Terri H. (Clinic Client)
Olivia has been my light in the dark and my hope when I was full of fear, she is empathetic, full of love and draws from her incredible ‘team’ to offer support and guidance during her amazing wellbeing clinic session. Like magic she seeks inspiration from the universe and allows me to see that I am my own strength and I have everything I need inside of me to deal with emotional challenges in this journey called life! Livvy makes connections between mental and physical manifestations and has helped me to reduce anxiety and stress response symptoms through deep, pure and powerful meditations. Livvy always knows what to say and we often break out in laughter mid way through a conversation... this is so comforting and I always feel a strong connection with her, like talking to a sister or best friend! I am so grateful for everything she has done for me, she is an angel sent from above and I will never forget her part in my journey in rising to big and better... and learning to love myself! If you are considering booking in for a session then my advice would be to go for it... not only will you have the most gorgeous person to connect and talk with but you will also have the most beautiful meditations and strategies to continue with... sign up now!
— Tesha M. (Clinic Client)
Gorgeous Olivia is like an Angel that has been sent into my life! 💜 I contacted Olivia mid July last year as I was overwhelmed with low energy and dragging myself out of bed each morning to go work. We had the most awesome call via Zoom! It so lovely to speak with Olivia! She and The Team gave me amazing insights into my state of health. I have been a borderline diabetic for years and take no medication, but control my blood sugar with eating well and exercise. Olivia sent me the Insulin Resistance Practice and 2 more practices. Within 1 week of using the Insulin Resistance practice my energy had improved! A month later the increase in my energy level was astounding and I had so much more resilience! Now I have loads of energy each day and wake up so grateful and feel so blessed to have Olivia in my life! I was so excited to catch the live last night and cooking and eating high vibrational food sounds awesome! Thank you my Angel Olivia for all you continue to contribute to my life! 💜💜💜
— Cherry S. (Clinic Client)
Another awesome and astounding result from The 10 Minute series -The Vision Practice! I have used this practice about once a month. I went to the Optometrist today for new contact lens and my sight has improved since last year!!!! 🎉I’ve worn contact lens for over 30 years and never ever has my sight improved!! So thank you gorgeous Olivia, for your beautiful life changing gift! 🤩💜😘
— Cherry S. (Clinic Client)
Just wanted to inspire some of you to have a 1to1 with Olivia. She and her team are AMAZING! I’ve been doing the program for 6 weeks but consistently twice a day for the last 4 weeks as I’ve had 4 1to1 sessions with her and her team and so far I’ve released 23lbs of fat and toxins!! So easily! My appetite has disappeared, I’ve stopped drinking alcohol for the moment as I just don’t fancy it and I’m feeling fabulous. But most amazing is that my ability to tune in and get into alignment every day has improved so much. Doing mindful meditating for 20minutes has now become a breeze and something I look forward to as now I’m receiving downloads of inspired action every single time. If you’re on the fence about doing a 1to1 with Olivia get off it and book in NOW! Thanks again Olivia you truly are fantastic and I so appreciate all you have helped me with so far. I can’t wait to learn more from you on you Intuitive Course in September.
— Amanda F. (Fat Release and Detoxification Programme)
Feeling more confident in a bikini is literally priceless - and I am only 10 days in! THANK YOU Olivia - you are literally changing my life - I already feel soooo much happier in my body, in a holistic way.
— Sarah M. (Fat Release and Detoxification Programme)
I would like to thank you for this program! I eat what I want and not only have I started loving my body more I actually get defined abs and legs! This is incredible! I also have more energy, don’t crave any sweets or crackers (which is huge for me) and my boobs started getting fuller... I can’t wait to practice it for longer and see what the final product is going to be!!!
— Karolina R. (Fat Release and Detoxification Programme)
Olivia’s amazing and unique healing gift is totally life changing! Olivia’s guided Healing Meditations and Visualizations are so powerful but at the same time calming and relaxing! These meditations are literally changing my life! I have released emotional blockages in so many areas that have been holding me back for years. I feel energized and so excited about my life! The healing energy flowing through Olivia is transforming me emotionally, spiritually and physically! You are truly beautiful and inspiring, Olivia! Thank you for this ongoing awesome experience of healing!
Beautiful souls, I must share with you that my waist is with 4cm smaller!! I’m in heaven! Thank you!! (After 3 weeks on the programme)”
2 months later....
I am losing cm of fat from my body. I must mention that I never skipped a day. I lived a fabulous moment last week when I went to buy some new summer trousers and I realised that from 46 EU I dropped to size 44 EU. My excitement was to the sky because I found fab clothes in the ‘normal size’ section. Olivia I will always thank you! I will follow your voice all my life!
I have just taken part in Olivia’s month long healathon. I enjoyed every minute! The meditations are easy to follow in your mind’s eye and very relaxing. The themes were in turn revitalising and relaxing. I have never slept so well! I have been told several times that I look amazing (always wonderful to hear!) and my hair and skin in particular are in fab condition. I highly recommend this course. Olivia herself has been so supportive throughout and is an inspiration. I find it much easier to connect with my own healing energy thanks to this course and I’ve never felt better! Thank you.
— Louise W. (Month Long Healathon)
I had a headache all morning so I decided to do Nerve Nurse. What a difference, my headache has now gone completely. No painkillers just this program. Fantastic X
What an amazing month! The energy and general amazing feelings from doing Olivia’s guided healing sessions have been phenomenal and I am so happy that I decided to try this out. Very highly recommended!
— David H. (Month Long Healathon)
Olivia is amazing.  I’ve had a lingering urinary infection for about the last 4 days. I rang the doctor for an emergency appointment this evening as it was so bad and they said they couldn’t see me.  Panic set in as we know how horrific these infections can become so I contacted Olivia.  She tuned into me from her end and then I also did her detox practice.  Half an hour after the appointment ALL symptoms are gone!!!!  I should point out that I have ALWAYS in the past needed to clear these infections with antibiotics.
I only started last Saturday and I have released 6lbs!! I have also spontaneously released coffee. I am so grateful to be included in your group Olivia, your voice has accompanied me morning and night and the stress release has been very helpful for recentring after some unpleasant news which sent my body immediately into adrenaline rush - I was able to calm myself down. I’ve been able to extend the concept to my nerves- I had neuralgia earlier in the week so I used the aqua energy for my nerves to soothe and reduce the alarm and inflammation response and this also worked . So thank you x
— Georgina P. (Fat Release and Detoxification Programme)
Dear Olivia, I wish to express my sincere thanks.
Through your Healathon on Facebook, to be able to offer me the piece that was missing. That oh so important piece, my foundation stone, my rock – my self love. I was enjoying and feeling the strength of Cell Well and Energy Unblock but Love Bomb, hmm, not so. What’s happening here then? Ok I’m going to have a second helping ( and a third....) And I played Love Bomb as a meditation. I played Love Bomb whilst I was washing my pots and pans. I played Love Bomb as I prepared my evening meal. Do you know what happened?
That little whisper changed into a knowing, loud, ROAR! I wanted to shout it from the rooftops – I LOVE YOU!!!
Oh my goodness, to sit in a place of love. To be a witness and a beacon of love. Tangible results. Almost a breathless feeling. A feeling of anticipation. A feeling of excitement. A feeling, anything is possible. And now I find myself laughing, spontaneously, enjoying my day, taking it all in my stride.Yay for self love, and a very big yay for Love Bomb
Warm hugs, wide smiles and super grateful thanks.
— Veronica R. (Month Long Healathon)