My Story

olivia ocana

I'm Olivia Ocaña and I am a Spiritual Coach, Medical Medium, Energy Guide and Author. I spiritually receive guidance by my Spirit Team aka 'The Team' which is made up of Collective Consciousness Beings, Archangels, Masters, Teachers, Scientists and Humanitarians. The Team provide me with Universal Leading Edge insight, teachings, physical imagery and information on energy body maps, cellular activation techniques and routes through body systems to guide you into positive focus and awareness of your incredible body and in turn, how you can influence it cellularly for greater wellness. The word from The Team is that every single person is able to influence your physical body, your emotions in order to create greater wellbeing, your understanding and connection to the Self (your Inner Being - we do a LOT of work with your Inner Being in aiding your ability to connect in, become familiar with it and have access to it for guidance, connection and improving energy capability within your physical body).

Abraham is my main Guide but I work closely with the rest of 'The Team' in a number of individual ways as they each provide specific elements and information in order to product the Energy Practices that are given for treatment.  

This all takes place through Energy Practices which are like guided meditations. We use energy colours and body routes to feel the energy move through your body and produce incredible, tangible results.  This helps people in so many ways, it can resolve aches, pains, illness, disease, emotional distress and ingrained mindset. 

There is no limit to what can be healed. It is within us all - this is not being channeled to you nor are you being 'zapped' by any energy.  Consistency, allowing and expectation - these are the three keys to success. Consistent practice of at least one Energy Practice a day will change you for the better. Allowing yourself to connect to your energy, to feel it, to flow with it, to let your cells do what they know how to do is the second area. Expectation that this works is the third part - if you need evidence, that will come with consistency and allowing first but the expectation that it will work is a big part of the success story.

Through my healing techniques and practices, it is my vision to revolutionise treatments for weight control, hormone atunement, auto immune illnesses, fertility, cancers and many other illnesses that affect people today.  I believe there is a huge energetic shift across the planet that is driving us to challenge the way we look to heal ourselves.  Ultimately it is my dream to be able to scientifically test and prove the health benefits of energy healers and to help deliver new standards and benchmarks that will enable our practices to work alongside the traditional methods of medical treatments that we see today.

So how has all of this come about?  My life has seen an incredible transformation regarding my ability to heal and to receive guidance from non physical. As a little girl, I used to help members of my family who had serious illnesses ‘feel better’ but I used to think nothing of it.  Today my life has been transformed through the realisation that my abilities to help people extend to something that at times is quite wonderful, amazing and miraculous.  Whether that be on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

I was brought up in a family who were very spiritually aware, with a Mum who taught me that anything was possible, that I just needed to focus and trust.  We would often discuss our beliefs in divine forces, angels, spirits and the power of YOU on earth.

I grew up and spent years in the Corporate world, focused on my career, my family, my friends. I always knew I had a different purpose, but I just couldn’t put my finger on what. A few years ago I considered retraining as a Clinical Scientist as I knew I wanted to help people and was fascinated by the science of it all.

I recognise and respect divine timing and looking back I now know that I wasn’t ready. I had some things to get out of my system first, expansion to understand and experience but I knew when the time was right all would become clear. I believe my path was set when a really good friend of mine Sarah Morgan suggested I read “Ask and it is Given”, a book by Abraham, Esther and Jerry Hicks. This book changed my life and now I understand of course, with Abraham being my main guide, exactly how and why this was the case.

From the first page, it felt like it was reminding me of what I already knew. As I read more and more, I felt like I was being woken up. I couldn’t get enough of the teachings of Abraham, Esther and Jerry Hicks.  I started noticing inspiration and followed it, acted on it, didn’t question it or put it off. This led me to try “connecting” with my husband when he was at home in Spain and I was in London. It worked, it really worked.  I carried on experimenting with him and I found that I was literally divinely guided in the way I could help him both physically and emotionally as well as with the techniques that I used to help him connect to his own energy and heal. 

I then met Katie Helliwell, an incredibly gifted psychic medium who confirmed for me that I was a healer, the most powerful she had ever seen. This was the confirmation that I needed and somehow I knew that what she was saying was true, to my very core. I went on to follow my inspiration and my guidance from the universe inspiring me to act, to move, to play and explore. I had a deep knowing within me of energy and connection to people, people I had never met and yet I could help them from wherever they were in the world. I started to get bombarded day and night with inspired thoughts on how I could describe this to people, how I could explain to people how to access their own energy. 

My first energy technique was born, Cell Well and from there everything just flowed.  The more techniques that I discovered, the greater the energy that I was able to sense and even see.  As I continued doing this, I knew I had to share this and help as many people as I could.

Before I knew it, I was helping people who were very ill in hospital recover in ways that were described as miracles; helping people in darkest depression to release and repair as well as so many people who had heavy hearts and a loss of direction to feel inspired and clear. I have helped so many people with various physical symptoms experience significant improvement and in some cases, complete relief and recovery. 

The gift I have I believe is divinely given and I cherish and respect it.  Guiding and supporting me is a vast spiritual team that I feel are with me all of the time. My gift allows me to amplify what you already have within you and isn’t channeling energy to you but instead is helping you to connect with your own source energy and universal energy to heal yourself.



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Continued access to Olivia’s wellbeing practices will have you feeling amazing with great benefits to you in the areas that you want to focus on.  Her techniques address each individual cell within your body to deliver outstanding results for your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Fat Release and Detox Programme

This is a revolutionary and divinely inspired series of energy connection techniques, celebrating your incredible body and works on releasing fat and toxins stored at a cellular level for mind blowing, tangible physical reduction and general wellbeing results.               

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