My Guided Healing Explained

It is my belief that everybody has the power to heal themselves they just need to be shown how.  Once you feel a connection to your own healing energy, that feeling can never be forgotten and my Guided Healing Meditation sessions will enable you to tap into that energy as often as you want to. 

Just as a good golfer improves by practicing the correct techniques repeatedly until they are ingrained in their muscle memory allowing them to master their sport, so you can use your own emotional memories experienced with me and through connection to your own energy to practice and re-find that connection independently and enable feelings of love and wellbeing, and use it to heal yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  This is often proven by people who repeat a particular Guided Healing session and see that it becomes stronger each time they connect.

We will release anything that is holding you back allowing you to move and look forward and progress if you allow it.

My sincere hopes for you are that our sessions will allow you to feel at ease with where you are today, knowing that your dreams can all be realised if you just relax and enjoy the unfolding, understanding that the true path to wellness is wellbeing.


Put simply, I can sense, see or be divinely guided to where your energy issues are.  I can literally see maps of people’s internal body systems such as your heart or lungs, right down to your cells and the routes to take; as well as the healing energy colours to use.

Ultimately, we are all energy and I act as an energy guide.  I am connecting you to your own source and divine energies to allow you to heal. I am not channelling energy to you from the outside or using spiritual forces in that way but directing your own energy and working from the inside out to allow you to connect.

I am guided by spiritual or universal consciousness which we all have the ability to tap into.  Sometimes this means that I receive intuitive direction in the moment, sometimes this means that I am given specific practices to deliver in a certain way to really help as many people as possible.

There are many ways that we can work together. As I am working with energy and intent, my healing is like an energy imprint and connection experience that is lasting and strong. It means that when you hear and experience the Guided Healing Sessions either at a live event in person, on video live or on catch up, virtually during a 1-2-1 or completely remotely with no vocal or physical contact, it always works! Most people can feel a sense of connection and are able to adapt the strength to suit them, it is completely and always in your control.