Month Long Healathon



Starting 1st October we have a whole month of incredible Guided Healing to support you in a transformational and potentially life changing way. Olivia will be running three Facebook Live video sessions every week for the full month of October. She will be working on you as a whole, from a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing perspective. She has some amazing new techniques to use and work with you on during this incredible month.


breaking free.jpg

"We are going to say goodbye to old energies, elevate and raise the wellbeing in your body and increase the connection you feel within you."

You should expect to see noticeable changes and this is at a cellular level which is the most exciting, expansive and permanent way to see evident change. With Guided Healing, you can feel a shift of your energy from the moment you start but it can take a series of sessions to really feel the benefits. Everyone is different and responds and reacts in different ways and has different needs. As we work through you as a whole, you will feel differently if you are open and ready to allow this connection.

You will also be part of a private Facebook group where Olivia will be holding the sessions live and also have access to the Month Long Healathon Members area on this website to enjoy the sessions whenever is good for you and repeat them as often as you like through the month.  Please note that the recorded versions of the live Guided Healing Sessions are just as powerful.