I believe everybody has the ability to heal themselves they just need to be shown how...


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Wellbeing Monthly Membership

Continued access to Olivia’s wellbeing practices will have you feeling amazing with great benefits to you in the areas that you want to focus on.  Her techniques address each individual cell within your body to deliver outstanding results for your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Fat Release and Detox Programme

This is a revolutionary and divinely inspired series of energy connection techniques, celebrating your incredible body and works on releasing fat and toxins stored at a cellular level for mind blowing, tangible physical reduction and general wellbeing results.                                                                           

Month Long Healathon (1st – 31st OCTOBER)

Experience a targeted month of magnificence to help you focus on your entire being’s connection and ultimate healing advancement. Olivia will be showcasing some amazing new healing practices to provide you with potentially life changing results.  The programme runs over the full month of October.


The Clinic &

1 to 1 Programmes

Think of The Clinic as your opportunity to go and see your very own energy GP.  If you have any kind of ailment or concern, be it a back pain, bladder issue, stomach complaints, anxiety or just feeling plain low and lacking in energy, then Olivia´s clinic is the place for you. 

Do you have a specific goal that you want to achieve? Do need some specific help, guidance and healing, or are you just looking for ongoing general wellbeing support?  Olivia is offering the opportunity to work with her in a way that suits you through a customised 1 to 1 package. With her ability to receive very specific guidance and visualise your body systems this offering has limitless possibilities.

The Retreat

Are you ready for a truly life changing experience?  Do you want to be submerged into total inner being connection and personal energy masterfulness?  Introducing a six day, five star luxury retreat held in the amazing Finca Cortesin.  Previously voted the best hotel in Spain as well as one of the top 10 hotels in the world, you will enjoy exclusive access to Olivia in one of the most stylish and sought after enclaves of the Andalucian coastline.


Free Energy Trials

I wish to use my gift to help people heal themselves from some of the world’s most distressing and serious diseases.  Energy Trials contains practices that I have been spiritually guided on, providing me with cellular techniques and specific routes through bodies to address a range of different illnesses and problems.  My focus for the guided healing practices in this section are around stem cell activation techniques and presently includes support for ALL and AML childhood leukemia, but will soon include energy healing practices for early onset alzheimers, arthritis, heart disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, nerve damage, prostate cancer, abdominal aortic valve, as well as improving vision and hearing.  These practices will be provided for free and it is my sincerest wish that anyone looking for alternative holistic healing solutions, or that perhaps has tried all other routes is able to find a solution in what I am offering here.


Facebook Community

Join our growing Facebook community and get access to some amazing free content including revolutionary healing practices and guidance on how you can use your own energy, power and abilities to heal yourself. This community is full of beautiful souls sharing their experiences.  Come and join us! 

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