I’m Olivia Ocaña and I am your Energy Guide and I am going to help you connect to your body in a way that may feel long forgotten but is totally within you – you just need to be reminded and shown how to do it.


Do you want to FEEL so differently about your body and quickly?

Do you want to understand your own body's energy and HEAR what it is telling you? Do you want to drop the guilt and the denial around food? Do you want to recognise when you are full and when you are hungry? Do you want to change your story about food and your body?

Was €300, Was €150, Now €75

In 21 days we are going to change up your status quo. We are going to challenge ourselves on this adventure to FEEL like these 21 days are an adventure. This is FOCUS, energy, newness and celebration.

  • I will teach you how to release fat on demand and breathe it out through energy practices
  • You will detoxify your body through stimulating your lymphatic system and release the toxins that have been stored in your fat
  • You will sort out your hormones and understand what they are and what they do
  • You will FEEL your body change, recognise it and celebrate it
  • You will tune into your body and notice, potentially for the first time in a long time, what it is REALLY asking you for food wise
  • You will be challenged to change it UP and MOVE
  • You will learn about Aligned Eating

Not only will you join me in this 21 day Challenge, starting Monday 7th May but, you will also have lifetime access to the Fat Release and Detoxification Programme which has a huge library of self study information and access to other Energy Practices that you can use on demand and continue to build on the success of the 21 Day Challenge.  The total value of the additional free resources is over €300 per year.


Was €300, Was €150

But, if you sign up by Sunday 6th of May this revolution for YOU is only a one-off price of €75


Are you ready to move out of your comfort zone and get results? Are you ready to FOCUS with me for 21 days and MOVE and FEEL? Yes?

Join me, you have me with you as your cheerleader, your coach, your guide for 21 days and if you stick with this, this will set you off for the biggest transformation and GOOD FEELING you can imagine.  Join our amazing FRD Tribe on Facebook and be part of a likeminded group of gorgeous people who are Focusing with me for this 21 days.


Here are just what a couple of members of the FRD Programme are Saying:

I would like to thank you for this program! I eat what I want and not only have I started loving my body more I actually get defined abs and legs! This is incredible! I also have more energy, don’t crave any sweets or crackers (which is huge for me) and my boobs started getting fuller... I can’t wait to practice it for longer and see what the final product is going to be!!! (After 21 days on the programme)
Beautiful souls, I must share with you that my waist is with 4cm smaller!! I’m in heaven! Thank you!! (After 21 days on the programme)
Feeling more confident in a bikini is literally priceless - and I am only 10 days in! THANK YOU Olivia - you are literally changing my life - I already feel soooo much happier in my body, in a holistic way.

This offer ends on the 6th of May and the doors will be closed for the 21 Day Challenge.

Don’t miss out!



I will be giving you all the tools and challenges in order to get the most out of this 21 days and the overall FRD Programme but I cannot guarantee you results as I am not in your body doing it for you – this is your focus, your commitment to you but I expect you to have results AND I expect you to FEEL so very differently in the most beautiful and positive way possible about your body. Want it! Make it happen – 21 day commitment done. Expect change.