Fat Release & Detox Programme



This is a revolutionary and divinely inspired series of virtual energy connection techniques, celebrating your incredible body.  It works on releasing fat and toxins stored at a cellular level for mind blowing, tangible physical reduction and general wellbeing results. This programme supports you with any amount of fat reduction that you are looking to release from your cells be it large or small. 

There are no lotions or potions, no eating programs to follow, no food restrictions, no allowed/not allowed food lists, no exercise routines, no calorie counting. This is all about getting your body working in the most efficient way possible and you listening and hearing to what your body wants and needs.


fat cell.jpg

This lifetime membership is structured in such a way that you can join at any time and take day by day, week by week action to:

  • Understand the incredible function of your body and why it is holding onto fat energy for you
  • Focus and target specific areas that need release
  • Release built up toxins
  • Move the fat and toxic energy within your body allow it to exit naturally
  • Strengthen your digestive processes
  • Help cleanse your liver, your kidneys and urinary system
  • Increase your cardiovascular capacity for greater fat exit capability (you breathe out your fat!)
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Enhance your muscular structure
  • Emotionally connect to your gorgeous body and learn to be guided by it rather than fallback on old patterns and beliefs that trigger ingrained behaviours around food

In addition to the above, once you have achieved the results you are happy with, I have also designed a maintenance programme which is only needed to be done once to twice a week to maintain your happiest physical levels and continue to support you until you are fully in tune and able to maintain your equilibrium on your own.

As part of the programme, you will also have access to our private Facebook group where I will provide community tips and tricks, contact and live videos to further support you through this experience.