Calling all Empaths...

Many people believe that once you know you are an Empath and you are able to relate to the tag, that this means you have to own the title and that it is a permanent state of being. What is the definition of an Empath?  How is it different to someone who is sensitive and empathetic?

The Team have said: Often Empaths are characterised by certain energy impacts, so this is how you feel when you are with others. Many Empaths feel that they absorb others energies and take them on physically rather than by choice.  Many feel that they tune into and are surrounded by a battering of emotion, feelings, said or unsaid and that this can be exhausting, overwhelming and often making our Empaths want to flee the room or just not go out and endure such a situation. For who can blame you?

You may feel that this is your experience, the unpredictability of meeting others and how it is ultimately going to impact you.  Take for example sharing an evening out with a friend and your friend has some problems. An Empath will often be happy about being out, enjoying the overall time together but little by little, as the conversation goes on, the negativity or upset state of the friend will slowly start to penetrate our Empath, more than just a kind understanding of a difficult time, it moves into a physical sensation of ‘like’ upset, that those emotions are starting to build within our Empath so much so it is like their own.

Our Empath also starts to notice that they are picking up like a sonar on all the other energies of people in the room, in particular the negative ones, they look to the left and notice a couple at a stalemate and feel that tightness in their chest, they look to the right and see the fight brewing between two friends and the wanting to run out of there becomes so strong, like they are in the middle of that fight and are somehow going to get hurt.

The Team want it to be known that this does not have to be your permanent state of being, that as is with many things, there are so many options for you regarding what you allow into your experience, how you are able to adjust in certain environments in order to feel differently and certainly and ultimately be in control of your experience.

This is the key thing that they wish to inform, that the control is absolutely within you but that it is fully understood that some new methods, modes of understanding and energy understanding will help you get there.  Yes there is an element of energy protection, for all of our Empaths the emotional sunblock technique is perfect for you (you can find this on the free Guided Healing Zone group, just request to join here, as you still want to be out and about, living your life and engaging with others but having a skin tight energy shield around you to help you. There will come a point where this may not be necessary, but until you get there, this will help you.  There are some other things in order for you to really start to feel differently in these socially interactive situations.

So, we, The Team and I have some challenges for you should you wish to accept them. The first challenge is this:

*  Take your next social interactive experience. Before you go, apply your energy sunblock.

*  When you are at your destination, observe it fully. Know that you are in total control of everything that you experience and how you feel today. If you feel an instant jarring of your own emotions or a sense of absorption of others energy, quickly focus on moving this outside of you.

*  Know that you have a shield, confirm with yourself that this shield is in place and therefore you will not absorb anything that is unwanted.

*  Choose for this feeling to leave your body and immediately, for it is not you, this is not how you feel. So how do you feel then?

Tell us what you think, how you feel and what you notice.  Join the free group to find out more in our series about Empaths and interact with others who feel similarly to you and understand more of how this has helped them.

Olivia Ocana