Coming out of the Spiritual “Closet”

People often ask me about my story – how have I learned to do what I do?  What training have I had? How did I discover it? Can I teach it?  As I am writing this, it is a fairly new story but concentrated over a very short space of time because the momentum has been immense! The reason for that momentum is that I have fully trusted it and I have been totally open to this expansion.

I am using words and phrases in my language now that I didn’t before. The way that I look at the world has changed. The horizon has completely opened up – I am no longer stuck in tunnel vision but I didn’t even realise that I was before.

What I know is that this is something we can all do, have and experience in our own way. I have never been particularly religious but I have been open to spirituality, nor have I got into the self-help and mindset work and beliefs even though they have been readily available and many, many of my friends and family have shouted about the benefits.  When I have dabbled in this arena, it has been targeted and specific, preferring only one or two influencers.  You could say that I am un-read! I have people ask me a lot…have you heard of this author/read this book…and the answer is normally NO.  I don’t mean to be ignorant, but it is more that I am not drawn to it. My current expansion is as such, I am learning beyond what I could ever even think just by being true to myself and honing in on my own connection to ME and the Universe…and I mean EVERY day. This is great for now and I don’t feel that a book can give that to me in quite the same way right now.

So, sorry, back to the topic!  I have felt like a ‘Ta-Dah’ moment was brewing a while back. It isn’t currently known in my wider circle of friends that I am perma-connected to universal collective consciousness – let alone most of them understanding what on earth I am talking about. They don’t yet know that I have helped people heal themselves. I have not yet shared that I see/am given body systems, cells, activation techniques, WELLNESS and opportunity for pretty much everyone I come into contact with.  They are yet to understand that I am given guidance so I can guide others.  The few people I have trusted to tell do seem to get it. I do know that when I am truly ‘Out of the Spiritual Closet’ that it will be met with quizzical faces and that ‘I am one of those’ types of people – different to them now, apart from them.

You see, this ‘Ta-Dah’ style of ‘Coming Out’ is because it is rare now that the discussion would come up naturally any other way. How we, as a society, have stepped away from religion, Spirtuality is more akin to ‘Mindfulness and Meditation’ as acceptable dinner time conversation and even that can raise eyebrows! I’ve been worried they’ll think I’ve gone a bit cray-cray. I also have the work contingent to think of but this isn’t something that I feel like I want to hide, it is more about the timing at which I share it and doing it when it is of benefit – to me.

I have been careful to protect myself from other peoples opinion because I didn’t want the distraction, but now I’m ready to just get out there and just be me as the only way that people can find out about how I may be able to help them is to be out there. OUT. I’m coming…OUT. Do I get to have a party?