Why Don’t Our Stem Cells Activate; Or Do They?

Through a number of my recent Guided Healing Practices I am getting more and more guidance from ‘The Team’ (ie. the Spiritual Team that provide me with incredible inspiration and guidance on cellular activation techniques, body systems, routes, system and cellular combinations and energy colours and networks) on adult and child Stem Cell activation. 

This seems a fairly new advancement from the leading edge of our scientist and medical community as to where the adult stem cells reside and more is currently being focused from what I can read and understand on creating adult stem cells in labs to be injected into various areas of the body. Much was made of the freezing of stem cells from umbilical cords many years ago and not something we hear too much about these days and more is being introduced in advancement on injecting harvested adult stem cells to replace cartilage in knees as an example.

The guidance I am getting is that we have child and adult Stem Cells everywhere – the question I am currently asking is why they aren’t automatically activating!  The point of the child and adult Stem Cell is that they can adapt to become any cell that is required. Often, it takes a full trauma for the stem cells to activate and come together to do what needs to be done.  The body doesn’t seem to find degeneration or disease as a reason to activate and step in for all cases – but why? 

Perhaps the Stem Cell activation does take place initially but the degeneration or disease ends up taking over for some people – but perhaps not for all people. How many of us battle the silent battle of disease as our body activates and protects so it never gets detected! Oh how I love this thought, our bodies working just as they should and we don’t know what we don’t know…so our bodies just automatically eradicate the disease, fight the battle completely silently and we are just well.

So, why is it that for some, the body´s Stem Cells do activate and fight and WIN?  This is part of the tipping point aspect of our bodies which I’ll write more about in later blogs but just to give a brief summary – our bodies are incredible and highly honed complex machines and our Wellbeing has that tipping point where you are more well than sick, or more sick than well.

So far, I don’t yet have the guidance on the why not, I am just getting the guidance on the how to resolve. I am very passionate about there always being a solution, so the focus for me at the moment seems to be on the solution but I do believe over time that the reason why Stem Cells aren’t auto-activating to battle degeneration and disease, will become clear and potentially form part of some clinical trials. 

Clinical trials is my biggest vision, to be able to prove some of the successes of the practices that are being delivered through my Guided Healing and also from other energy healers and that we will complete trials hand in hand with the medical and science based communities.  Instead of ‘healers’ being a phenomenon that can’t be explained, we will be part of an accepted solution for necessary change when treating people and resolving reduced wellness.  I am getting this guidance for a reason.  Thanks to everyone in particular in these very early days for supporting what I am doing and trying the practices that I’m given.

Olivia Ocana