You Breathe Out Fat

So, let’s talk about fat!  We need fat, our fat cells are 100% required for a healthy body. You cannot ‘lose’ fat cells. Once they have been created and multiplied, the only way that they can be eradicated entirely from your body is by surgical removal. We are born with fat cells and over time, these do multiply. They also expand and are able to absorb more and more fat for storage. This is their job, to store fat to be used later for energy.  The other part of what they do is store toxins within the fat. When you eat food with ingredients that you can’t even say, let alone know what they are, the body does not know what to do when them so, it stores them within your fat cells ‘just in case’.  The number of toxins that reside within your fat cells depends on how much your body has had to process.

So, how do you breathe out fat? You see, human fat cells store triglyceride, which is a type of fat in the blood made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. When the oxygen we breathe reaches these fat molecules it breaks them down into carbon dioxide and water. This then gets picked up by your blood stream and taken to your lungs to exhale, or the water moves through your lymphatic system for cleansing before being exited as waste through your digestive system, urinary system and through sweat. 

I could literally spend hours on why it is hard to reduce fat through diet and exercise etc. but each of us have our own stories to tell about how that has gone for us in the past. What we are going to do in our Fat Release and Detox Programme is a totally different concept because what we are going to work on is a new vibrational energy towards our fat cells which is about love, acceptance, appreciation and letting go. 

The energy practices that the Guided Healing Zone Fat Release and Detox Programme delivers will focus on supporting your body’s hormones  to regulate the triglyceride conversion in a controlled manner. It's a bit like controlling a valve to slowly release air into a tire or balloon.  If you do the practices we provide every single day, you will undertake a transformation which would ordinarily would take a strict health and diet regime to complete.  Our process is 100% natural, so you will be honing your body and helping it to do something that it already knows how to do, just more efficiently and on demand.

Our Fat Release and Detoxification Programme is revolutionary and I don’t say this lightly. By taking the leap and joining the programme, you will have access to universal insight and daily practices that are going to transform you, if you trust and surrender to the process.  I will guide you through a better understanding of your incredible body, help you to truly know what it means to listen to your body, understand about intuitive and aligned eating and help you using guided daily practices – just like guided meditations, but then some! You will release fat and fully detoxify your body.  This can be without any change to your lifestyle including the food that you eat and the exercise that you do.  You simply have to carry out our daily programme commitment and daily intention, trust and focus.  All you will need is around 20minutes a day, and if you want to boost it you can repeat the practices both in the morning and at night – your choice! 

There have been phenomenal results worldwide on our Fat Release and Detox Programme with people joining from around the globe and using the practices on demand, at a time that suits them. People have lost weight and quickly, they have lost weight in areas that they have struggled with for YEARS, but the best thing is that they feel so much more connected to their bodies, they understand the amazingness of their bodies and it literally changes how they feel about themselves and takes the concept of self-love into a true knowing of just how incredible they are. 

The Fat Release and Detox Programme helps everyone, whether you are male or female, in your 20’s or up to your 70’s and beyond, if you are sporty or hardly exercise. There is no limit to what you can achieve and the best part is that you can do this lying down!  It doesn’t matter how much or little fat you are looking to release, whether you have specific goals or objectives, or whether you are wanting to further supplement or enhance your current routines, this is going to work for each and every one of you if you allow it.  You will experience a huge shift in how you FEEL and you will break free of anything holding you back. We do not focus on the past, we only look forward. Come and join me on the Guided Healing Zone Fat Release and Detox Programme.  It truly is a revolution!

Olivia Ocana