Anxiety & Stress Relief Programme

Sometimes life can feel just plain tough.  Anxiety and Stress are one of the epidemics of our time.  We are now seeing children suffering from Anxiety right the way through to our elderly. Stress is prevalent in our lives and "feeling stressed out" is just a term that everyone can relate to. The impact that this has on our entire being when this state is continual is what we need to focus on. This effects the WHOLE of who you are.

Things get on top of you, your heart races and your pulse quickens, your stomach and solar plexus contract and inconveniences that you normally would shrug off, feel overwhelming.

I want to tell you right now that this unique Programme is a new way to change how you currently feel, address and release the cause without dragging through the past.  It sets you FREE and works entirely with your own bodies energy - no medication, no therapy - only daily energy practices which are like meditations and you will FEEL differently and fast. This Programme addresses hormonal responses; this provides you with 'in the moment relief' and helps you form different physical, emotional and mental habits to move through it and FORWARD - beyond this current state of being.

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Did you know that 85% of adults are experiencing stress & regularly and the most common cause is money, followed by work and health (source




So what can you do to help alleviate anxiety & stress?

I totally understand that you will have tried a whole lot of things to relieve how you feel, to improve your situation. There is so much out there, so much information from doctors and medication to mindset and meditation. This is different. This is unique on this earth. This is GIVEN to you by The Team (ie. the spiritual team who provide guidance to me on all my work including energy practices, cellular techniques, body systems and routes through your body to move you into a better feeling place). 

Introducing the Guided Healing Zone "Anxiety & Stress Relief Programme" which is all about clearing away and removing this pressure from you day by day until you have space inside to just plain feel BETTER, better than you ever have been.

More aligned emotionally, physically, mentally and even spiritually. Connected to yourself. In tune with your core. Aware of your true strength and power and ability to influence your cells, your emotional response, your physical response to situations and experiences.  

This will be launched in June 2018 and is a monthly subscription of €50 to the Programme which will give you access to energy practices on demand that cover a number of different things including:

  • “In the moment” Energy practices for you to have access too whenever you need them to relieve stress and anxiety – two different approaches
  • Clearing the mental clutter, the repeated and practiced thoughts to move them outside your mind and ultimately help you free your mind from this noise
  • Pure and utter self-love, re-nourish and replenish yourself with a couple of specific practices to aid this
  • Release and relieve any long held deeper emotions that continue to resurface
  • Relax and unwind, specific practices to help you tune in and totally relax within your physical being
  • Deep Sleep – it is essential and often can be very effected, this will help you!
  • Natural stimulation of serotonin using a specific energy practice
  • Toxicity reduction to help your body work more efficiently overall supporting your entire wellbeing

I believe that with these methods you will get rid of these feelings...these thoughts...these moments of feeling totally overwhelmed and lost. You will recentre, you will feel more in control, you will start to move into a better feeling place emotionally, physically AND mentally. You will start to respond differently to situations. You will stop the roller coaster of emotions and feel more in balance. 


"Olivia’s amazing and unique healing gift is totally life changing! Olivia’s guided Healing Meditations and Visualizations are so powerful but at the same time calming and relaxing! These meditations are literally changing my life! I have released emotional blockages in so many areas that have been holding me back for years. I feel energized and so excited about my life!"

-Cherry Sawyer - Australia

What to expect?

Energy Practices may be new to you and if so, you may be wondering what it is you need to do. Energy Practices are like guided meditations but then some, so these are done sitting up or lying down and will be between 5mins and 20mins long depending on the practice. You will be tapping into your own bodies energy, you are not being 'zapped' by any 'other worldly' energy, this is all about you connecting with yourself and learning how to work with your own energy.

You are made up of trillions of cells, you can influence everything within your body, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. The Energy Practices are teaching you how to do this for a specific reason - to address your current state of Anxiety and Stress. You will need to commit to a daily practice and depending on how you feel and how much time you commit to, you may want to do a couple per day.  I will provide a suggested routine on the Membership site but there are some things that will be ‘in the moment’ and you will just follow your own guidance on.  You may find a couple of Energy Practices that really resonate with you and help you in particular and these will become your 'go to' practices. The Energy Practices are available on the Membership Site and these are on demand videos that you can use at any time. These WORK! This has been proven with hundreds of people all over the world.  

How fast will it happen?

That is very personal to you, however previous clients have expressed a feeling of relief immediately from the daily practices and significant change over a period of weeks for some, some have taken a little longer. The key is to practice daily, to make this time for yourself so you can truly tap into you and your mental, emotional and physical healing.

You may feel much better in a month, you may need a few months, but any time it takes, know that it is your body responding to you in a completely natural way and your body wants to FEEL better. This is your total birthright, believe that it is possible and be focused on yourself in a new way by consistently using these tools. They not only will make a difference to you but you may feel completely differently overall if you are able to trust and surrender to the process.

 My promise to you

I am not in your body and therefore not able to uniquely understand how you feel or do these Energy Practices for you but I do know that with consistency, this Programme will provide you with so much benefit and I fully believe that you have the ability to feel very differently to how you do today. There is hope, change and possibility here for you. There is power within you, you just need to be reminded how to tap into it.                                        

Join the wait list and when launched in June 2018 you will receive a special discount just for your early interest!

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